Fellowships/Scholarships Quick Reference

KU National Fellowships Advisors

(1) Erin Wolfram - Office of Fellowships: campus representative for (1) awards and available for consultation on many others

(2) Michele Arellano - Study Abroad and Global Engagement: Boren and Gilman contact

(3) Rachel Sherman Johnson - International Affairs: Fulbright Programs contact

Notice: Designated numbers next to each advisor correspond with the following fellowships and scholarships.

Fellowships & Scholarships

Astronaut Scholarship (1)

$10,000 for up to 2 years for undergraduate study in STEM fields. Research experience required. Faculty nomination required.

Campus deadline: January

Beinecke (1)

$34,000 and mentoring for students pursuing graduate study in arts, humanities, or social sciences.

Campus deadline: January

Boren Scholarship (2)

Summer, semester, and year-long study in regions critical to US national security. Requires 1-year commitment to federal government.

Campus deadline: January

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Junior Fellows (1)

Post-BA year-long foreign-policy program. Open to international students.

Campus deadline: November

Churchill Scholarship (1)

One-year Master’s in STEM fields at Cambridge University.

Campus deadline: April.

Critical Languages Scholarship (2) or (1)

US State Department-funded eight-week summer language institutes abroad in critical-need languages.

Deadline: November

DAAD Study Scholarships

Funded graduate study in a wide variety of fields, some in English, in Germany. Open to international students.

Deadline: November


Summer Research Internships in Science and Engineering in English in Germany. Open to international students.
Deadline: December.

Fulbright Student Grants (3)

Cultural exchange funded by US State Department. One-year post-undergraduate fellowship for research, study, or teaching English abroad.

Campus deadline: early September

UK Fulbright Summer Institute

Three, four, or five-week academic and cultural summer programs for freshmen and sophomores without prior international travel experience.

Deadline: February

Gates-Cambridge Scholarship

Post-undergraduate study at Cambridge University in all fields. Applicants must show evidence of commitment to improving the lives of others. Open to international students.

Deadline: mid-October

Gilman Scholarship (2)

Funding for study abroad for students receiving Pell Grants. Deadlines vary. Study Abroad Advisor Certification required.

Goldwater Scholarship (1)

$7,500 for up to 2 years of undergraduate study in STEM fields. Research experience required. Up to four campus nominees per year.

Campus deadline: late October

Knight-Hennessy Scholars (1)

Full funding for graduate study at Stanford University for students with leadership and civic engagement, who want to join a multidisciplinary community dedicated to finding creative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Open to international students.

Campus deadline: September

Marshall (1)

Funding for graduate study anywhere in the UK in all fields. Criteria are academic excellence, leadership, and ambassadorial potential.

Campus deadline: April

Mitchell (1)

One-year post-graduate study in Ireland in all fields. Three selection criteria: scholarship; leadership; and sustained commitment to service and community.

Campus deadline: April

NOAA Hollings

$9,500/year for two years, conference travel, and a summer internship at a NOAA facility.

Deadline: January

NSF (National Science Foundation) Graduate Research Fellowship

$30,000/year for up to 3 years of research-based study leading to a MS or PhD in STEM and Social Sciences. Self-Nomination.

Deadlines vary by discipline: October

PPIA Junior Summer Institute

Funded 7-week program including public policy and international affairs coursework, graduate school preparation, and enrichment activities based at prestigious universities around the country. Open to international students.

Deadline: November

Pickering and Rangel Fellowships

International relations and foreign policy. Women, minorities under-represented in the Foreign Service, and students with financial need are encouraged to apply. Self-Nomination.

Deadlines: September

Rhodes Scholarship (1)

Graduate study at Oxford in all fields. Applicants should demonstrate scholarly excellence, leadership and the will to “fight the world’s fight.” Open to students from most countries.

Campus deadline: April

Schwarzman (1)

one-year Master’s at Tsinghua Uni. in Beijing in public policy, finance, international studies. Internship and mentorship. Open to international students.

Soros Fellowship

Funds for graduate study for “new Americans.” Self-Nomination. Deadline: November.

Truman (1)

Funding for graduate or professional school for juniors committed to making a difference through public service. Selection based on academics, service potential, and leadership.

Campus deadline: November

Udall Scholarship (1)

$7000 and orientation program for sophomores and juniors committed to making significant contributions to the fields of the environment, tribal health, or tribal governance.

Campus deadline: January