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The Office of Fellowships is a unit of Undergraduate Studies dedicated to guiding students through the process of applying for national scholarships and other funding opportunities. We also coordinate nominations for twelve national fellowships and serve as a resource for students and faculty across campus.

The Office of Fellowships serves as a common location for KU undergraduates looking for information on competitive scholarships and fellowships.

A unit of Academic Success, the office oversees the campus process for many fellowships requiring nomination, including Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Churchill, Goldwater, Truman and Udall. Fulbright Programs are coordinated in the Office of International Programs. Boren and Gilman Fellowships and Scholarships are coordinated in the Office of Study Abroad.

KU Students also have great success with a number of national awards that do not require nomination. The Office of Fellowships can provide advising resources and support for students interested in these awards, too!

Fellowship & Scholarship Updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Fellowship" and "scholarship" are often interchangeable terms for financial awards given by institutions to fund students.

The Office of Fellowships generally uses the word “fellowship,” following the National Association of Fellowship Advisors. We focus on nationally competitive awards that help students achieve their goals.

While “scholarships” often refer to need-based aid to help cover basic educational costs, “fellowships” often imply a variety of opportunities in addition to funding, such as specialized training or leadership programs, mentorship, study abroad, or research.

KU Students have a tradition of great success in national awards competitions. Many factors influence your chances with a particular scholarship. The Office of Fellowships can help you determine your suitability as a candidate.

Most importantly, even for those who don’t win awards, the process of putting together the application, working with faculty members and advisors, and figuring out goals is itself very rewarding.

The earlier the better! Fill out the fellowship/scholarship Interest form to get started. If you already have a specific award in mind, work with the Office of Fellowships staff to start preparing and establishing timelines.

However, some awards allow students to apply even after they’ve graduated. Email the Office of Fellowships at fellowships@ku.edu to find out if you are eligible.

Most of the national fellowships and scholarships we focus on at KU are not financial aid and are not primarily need-based. These awards mostly focus on helping you get additional opportunities during college and funding for graduate study.

KU Financial and and Scholarships has a lot of information on great ways to help pay for your undergraduate education.

Many national awards require endorsement from or nomination by KU. Campus deadlines are usually several months in advance of the national deadline, so that KU will have plenty of time to review the candidates and decide on whom to nominate or endorse. In most cases, it is not possible to apply at the national level if you have missed the campus deadline.

Many of the awards do require U.S. Citizenship but not all of them. Some awards are open to some non-citizens (PPIA), some are open to citizens of any country (Schwarzman), and some are open to permanent residents and New Americans (Soros). More opportunities emerge all the time, and we are happy to discuss your options with you.