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The table below provides general information about major scholarships and fellowships. Search to find opportunities that may be a good fit for you based on your GPA, year in school, major, graduate school plans, and career interests.

An (*) indicates the application requires institutional endorsement and nomination.

Nationally Competitive Scholarships & Fellowships
Scholarship/FellowshipGPA + Year to ApplyFocus AreasOverviewDeadline(s)KU Contact
Astronaut Scholarship*3.7+ / sophomore or juniorresearch-focus in engineering, mathematics, and natural or applied sciencesscholarship up to $15,000 and paid trip to Astronaut Foundation's Innovators Weekend

Campus: mid-February

National: late March

Office of Fellowships
Beinecke Scholarship*~3.2+ / juniorgraduate study interest in arts, humanities, or social sciences$4,000 prior to graduate school and $30,000 while attending graduate school

Campus: early January

National: second Wednesday in February

Office of Fellowships
Boren Scholarship*~3.2+ / undergraduate or graduate statusall disciplines, overseas study of languages critical to U.S. securityfunds for study abroad in world regions critical to U.S. interests - amount based on length of program

Campus: early December

National: early February

Office of Study Abroad & Global Engagement: Jenna Hunter-Skidmore

CEIP - James Gaither Junior Fellows Program*

open to international students

~3.2+ / senior or one year post-graduationforeign policyfull-time fellowship for one year - $42,000 salary and full benefits package

Campus: December

National: January 15

Office of Fellowships
Churchill Scholarship3.7+ / senior or recent graduateSTEM, science, engineering, or mathfunds for one year of Master's study at the University of Cambridge - total value ~$65,000

Campus: mid-May

National: late October or November

Office of Fellowships
Critical Language Scholarship~3.2+ / sophomore, junior, senior or graduate-levelabroad study of critical needs languages8-10 week program of university-level language courseworkNational: mid-November

Office of Fellowships

Office of Study Abroad & Global Engagement: Michele Arellano

DAAD Study Scholarships

open to international students

~3.2+ / senior or post-graduationall disciplinesfull Master's degree program at a German university or for study at a German university as part of a postgraduate or Master's degree program completed in the home countryNational: NovemberOffice of Fellowships


open to international students

~3.2+ / junior or senior biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, engineering, and computer scienceinternship at a German university, research institute, or companyNational: DecemberOffice of Fellowships
Fulbright Student Grants*~3.2+ / senior or graduate-levelall disciplinesfunds to study, conduct research, or teach English abroad

Campus: early September

International Affairs: Rachel Sherman Johnson
The Harvard Business School Summer Venture in Management Programjuniorall disciplinesone-week residential educational program to increase diversity and opportunities in business educationNational: late AprilOffice of Fellowships
Hertz Foundation Fellowshipssenior, first-year graduate student, or in a gap yearapplied physical sciences, biological sciences, mathematics, or engineeringprovides cost-of-education allowance and personal-support stipend for doctoral (PhD) study in select applied physical science fieldsNational: late October or early NovemberOffice of Fellowships
Fulbright Summer Institute (US - UK)3.7+ / freshman or sophomore all disciplines3-4 week programs for those with little travel experience to explore the culture, heritage, and history of the UK while experiencing higher education at a UK universityNational: late FebruaryOffice of Fellowships

Gates-Cambridge Scholarship

open to international students

3.7+ / seniorall disciplines - leadership potential and committed to improving lives of othersfull cost of studying at Cambridge, plus additional discretionary fundingNational: mid-OctoberOffice of Fellowships
Gilman Scholarship*~3.2+all disciplinesfunds for study abroad experiences for students receiving Pell GrantsDeadlines varyOffice of Study Abroad & Global Engagement: Michele Arellano
Goldwater Scholarship*3.7+ / sophomore or juniorSTEM, science, engineering, or mathmaximum of $7,500 per full academic year

Campus: late October

National: last Friday in January

Office of Fellowships
James Madison Memorial Fellowshipsenior or post-graduatesecondary education, specifically in American history, American government, or civics$24,000 for graduate study for students committed to teaching American history, American government, or social studiesNational: March 1Office of Fellowships

Knight-Hennessy Scholars

open to international students

3.7+ / seniorall disciplines with dedication to leadership and civic engagementfunding for graduate study at Stanford University

National: early October

Office of Fellowships
Marshall Scholarship*3.7+ / junior or up to one year post-graduationall disciplines with leadership and ambassadorial potentialfunding for graduate study anywhere in the UK in all fields

Campus: mid-May

National: late September or early October

Office of Fellowships
Mitchell Scholarship*3.7+ / junior or up to age 29all disciplines with leadership and sustained commitment to service and communityfunding for one-year post-graduate study in Ireland in all fields

Campus: mid-May

National: late September

Office of Fellowships
Newman Civic Fellowship*sophomore or juniorall disciplines with interest in policy reform, community organizing, community-based research, social entrepreneurism, etc.mentorship, annual conference and events, and network of national Fellows

Campus: early January

National: early February

Office of Fellowships
NOAA Hollings3.7+ / sophomorevariety of disciplines that can demonstrate relation to the NOAA$9,500 for two years, plus a paid summer internship at a NOAA facilityNational: JanuaryOffice of Fellowships
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship~3.2+ / senior or early graduate studentcomputer and information science, engineering, materials research, psychology, social sciences, STEM, chemistry, geosciences, mathematics, physics, or astronomy$30,000 per year for up to three years of research-based study leading to an MS or PhD in STEM or social sciencesDeadlines vary: likely OctoberOffice of Fellowships

PPIA Junior Summer Institute

open to international students

~3.2+ / juniorall disciplines with interest in public service (public policy, public administration, or international affairs)7-week summer institute at one of four sites and a $5,000 scholarship for graduate studies at a PPIA-affiliated schoolNational: NovemberOffice of Fellowships
Phi Beta Kappa - Key Into Public Service Scholarship3.5+ / sophomore or juniorliberal arts & sciences with interest in working in the public sectorup to $5,000 scholarship, two-day online conference and mentorshipNational: mid-JanuaryOffice of Fellowships
Pickering & Rangel Fellowships3.2+ / senior or above (start preparing end of junior year)pursuit of graduate education relevant to the Foreign Service$84,000 over two years for tuition, fees, and living expenses during graduate study, internships at U.S. Foreign Missions and/or Capitol Hill, and employment with the U.S. Foreign Service upon program completionNational: SeptemberOffice of Fellowships

Rhodes Scholarship*

open to students from most countries

3.7+ / junior, senior, or post-graduationall disciplines with interest in leadership and the will to "fight the world's fight"financial award for graduate study at Oxford University

Campus: mid-May

National: October

Office of Fellowships

Schwarzman Scholarship

open to international students

3.7+ / senior or post-graduationpublic policy, finance, economics, business, international studiesone-year Master's at Tsinghua University in Beijing, plus an internship and mentorship

National: mid-September or mid-May for Chinese Nationals

Office of Fellowships

Soros Fellowship

for New Americans

senior or post-graduationall disciplinesup to $90,000 over two years for graduate study and living expense for New AmericansNational: late OctoberOffice of Fellowships
Truman Scholarship*3.5+ / juniorall disciplines with an interest in careers in public service with potential to be a change agent$30,000 for graduate studies and extensive programming and mentorship opportunities

Campus: November

National: first Tuesday in February

Office of Fellowships
Udall Scholarship*~3.2+ / sophomore or juniorfields related to the environment, tribal health, or tribal governance$7,000 for undergraduate study and participation in the Udall Scholarship Orientation

Campus: January

National: beginning of March

Office of Fellowships