Nomination Required Scholarships/Fellowships

Many prestigious national and international scholarship and fellowship competitions require institutional nomination and endorsement by the University. Nominations are coordinated through the Office of Fellowships and the Office of International Affairs or Study Abroad and Global Engagement (SAGE). Each scholarship, therefore, requires a local "pre-application" by a campus deadline, which in some cases will be followed by an interview.

From these applicants, the KU nominees are selected. Nominees then work with the Program Director of the Office of Fellowships and other KU fellowships advisors before applying to the national organization by the national deadline.  

Fellowships & Scholarships Overview

Churchill Scholarship

At least 14 Churchill Scholarships are awarded annually to graduating seniors or recent graduates in science, engineering, or math fields for graduate study at Churchill College at Cambridge University.

Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarships are awarded to up to 40 Americans to fund two years (sometimes one year) of graduate study in any field at any university in the United Kingdom.

Mitchell Scholarship

The George Mitchell Scholarship funds one year of study in any field at a university in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Scholars, who must be U.S. citizens, typically complete a one-year graduate degree. Up to 12 scholars are selected each year.

Rhodes Scholarship

Each year 100 Rhodes Scholars are selected from 23 jurisdictions around the world; as of 2018, there are also two "Rhodes Global Scholars." 32 of the Scholars each year are Americans. The Scholarship fully funds two years of study at Oxford University.

Goldwater Scholarship

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship provides up to $7,500 per year for tuition, fees, room and board for undergraduate students in STEM fields.

Truman Scholarship

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship is the federal memorial to President Truman. The Truman foundation awards 60-65 scholarships annually to juniors interested in careers in public service and with the potential to be “change agents.”

Fulbright, Boren, and Gilman

These three study abroad and research based scholarships are managed by the Study Abroad and International Programs Office.

Astronaut Scholarship

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation provides $15,000 scholarships for "outstanding students who exhibit motivation, imagination and exceptional performance in the fields of engineering, mathematics and natural or applied sciences."

Beinecke Scholarship

The Beinecke Scholarship provides personalized mentoring and up to $34,000 towards graduate studies for students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

CEIP - James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program

The James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace offers approximately 12-14 one-year fellowships to uniquely qualified graduating seniors. Fellows work as research assistants to Carnegie’s seniors scholars.