National Association of Fellowship Advisors (NAFA)

The University of Kansas is an institutional member of the National Association of Fellowship Advisors (NAFA). NAFA members believe that advisors, institutions, and students should value the process above the result.

The NAFA Code of Ethics guides the Office of Fellowships.

Core values that all members of NAFA subscribe to:

Integrity: We agree to conduct ourselves responsibly and ethically in our relationships with students, colleagues at our institutions, and each other. We will approach all candidates and scholarships with the goal to maintain integrity in both our relationships and our approach to the scholarship process.

Collaboration: The effectiveness of all individual members and organizations is enhanced when we work together to promote our programs and protect our candidates’ best interests.

Respect: The profession and practice of advising for and administering competitive scholarships and fellowships is based on mutual respect and trust for each other and our candidates.

Fairness: We have an obligation to treat candidates and each other fairly, equitably, and in a non-discriminatory manner.