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How Can I, as a Faculty Member, Help?

Faculty engagement is key for successful national fellowship and scholarship candidates. Whether it is referring or publicizing opportunities to students, serving on selection committees, or even participating in mock interview panels, staff/faculty have a critical role in getting students involved.

Refer Students and Publicize Opportunities

Getting a nudge from an admired faculty member leads many students to apply for fellowships and scholarships. Use our fellowship and scholarship referral form to refer students.

You can also schedule a classroom visit to promote specific fellowship opportunities to your students or request information to share with them directly. If you would like to do this, please email the Office of Fellowships at

Serve on Selection Committees

The campus selection committees for fellowships and scholarships that require endorsement perform very important service for the wider university community.

One committee oversees campus nomination for the major UK and Ireland awards (Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Churchill), and individual campus committees meet for each of the other fellowships and scholarships requiring KU nomination. Many faculty members really enjoy this service experience, as it gives them an opportunity to get to know outstanding students from a variety of disciplines across campus.

Participate in Mock Interview Panels

Many fellowships and scholarships have interview components. The Office of Fellowships arranges for mock or practice interviews for students. These are most helpful when students can practice with faculty from a wide variety of fields, as well as with experts from the student's own discipline. There are usually opportunities to help with mock interview panels in both the fall and spring semesters each year.

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